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Hello, my name is Hugo de Verteuil.

• I am a teacher, artist and illustrator/graphic designer based in Guangdong, China.

• I am a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art with a first-class BA and MA in Fine Art and Art History. I am also  a TEFL qualified English teacher with four years of experience teaching English language, literature, creative writing, cultural studies and critical thinking.

• I am a skilled teacher with abilities that have been developed through extensive experience teaching students at all levels of education - from young learners to high school students, university students, post-graduates and adult learners.

• Alongside teaching I also work as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist. My wife and I have founded a graphic design agency called Elgoco as a means of reaching out to more clients and collaborators.

• I am passionate about art, history, languages and education and highly motivated to keep learning and to improve my ability to teach and help students to reach their intellectual, creative and academic goals.

• I am able to speak Mandarin Chinese at an intermediate level (HSK3) and have a basic understanding of Cantonese, having lived in Guangdong for four years.