Season Wind Mural

The Shenzhen based fashion outlet Season Wind commissioned me to design a black and white mural for their store.

Christmas Cards

Earth Foods Edinburgh commissioned this unique series of greetings cards to be sold in their shop over the Christmas period.

Elgoco Graphic Design

Elgoco is the graphic design agency my wife and I founded in 2017 - you can find more information about our projects, creative process and pricing at our official website here.

Priddy Essentials

Priddy Essentials is a homeware and fragrance brand based in Rutland, UK. Priddy are well known for producing hand made perfumes and room sprays with beautiful, meticulously crafted packaging. They commissioned me to create illustrations and label designs for a range of household cleaning products and a range of perfumes.

Red Tornado

Red Tornado is a "British casual wear brand for rock’n’rollers and petrol heads." The brand contacted me with a request to help them redesign their logo and to create a range of illustrations and graphic designs for boys t-shirts.

Dino Fitness

Dino Fitness is a personal training and athletic coaching agency based in Leicester, UK. The company initially approached me to design their logo and visual identity.

The founders wanted the logo to be humorous and to reflect the attitude and style of 1980s cartoons and vintage Venice Beach muscle gym iconography. They specified that the logo should include three dinosaurs representing the three founding members of the agency, each with a unique personality and athletic speciality. 

Earth Foods

Earth Foods are an Edinburgh based fresh food and wine retailer who believe that 'if you eat well, you live well.' They initially commissioned me to produce a range of amusing organic food-themed T-shirts to help spread their message around the city. This was then followed by a request for a series of large scale poster designs to advertise their company and attract more people to their flagship store as well as designs for a seasonal newsletter and flyers.